7 meters 52 centimeters or 24 feet 8 inches

That’s how tall we are together. Woman, man, two teenage girls. A swiss-german family based in Zurich. The man measures 208 cm (6″10′), the older daughter 189 cm (6″3′), closely followed by her sister – and both still growing. That makes us top 1% – unfortunately only in terms of height distribution, but still.

The way up had painful aspects (usually for the head), funny experiences (at least for the others), and intense encounters (just queueing at a cinema box office in India).

Since the experience of being tall differs between women, men, and teenagers, we as a mixed team also know the respective advantages and disadvantages personally.

The idea for the website came about while searching online for teen pants in 38-inch lengths and tips for traveling as a very tall person. 

With some effort, we found deals and information, but they were as scattered online as the tall people in the world. Or they were written by not-so-tall ones for tall people and did not meet their questions.

All the info tall people are looking for in one place

What we were missing was the one place on the Internet that not only brought relevant and interesting information for tall people together but also continuously published new, self-researched content. 

The idea became a goal and the goal became this website. At this point, our dealer database for tall sizes, the contact directory for clubs and forums, the Instagram community, and the regular publication of new tips and info and as well videos are published in german and focus mainly on German-speaking countries. 

Selected posts and the „News of the Tall World“ we will publish also in English.

By the way: We are aware that the German name of the site means nothing good in English. As a consequence for now we will label our English section: „GG in English“. At least you know now, how „tall“ translates in German…

We always welcome questions, feedback, and suggestions. Please send a message here.

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