„Girls, enjoy being tall and enjoy standing out!

What tall women think about their height

Already fifty tall women from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria have introduced themselves in our Instagram community @grandiosgrossefrauen. Not only with great photos, but also with their experiences about living with an above-average body height.

We would like to present a selection of their comments. All readers with an Instagram account, can click on the name, see the pictures and the full comment (in German).

„I like my being tall because I like to stand out.“

The inevitable extra dose of attention is a definite benefit of being tall for many tall women:

„You stand out because of your height, and it’s easier to strike up a conversation with people.“ Veronika, 1,94 m 

„I have come to love my height. I stand out without having to do anything for it. People look at me and most of the time their eyes first go down to my shoes to see how high my heels are.“ Myriam, 1,85 m

„I like that I always have the absolute overview in the disco.“ “ Lena, 1,84 m

„I like my height because I like to stand out and be strong and I can look down on my boyfriend when I wear high heels.“  Jasmin, 1,87 m

„There were times when I hated being tall. All the people saw me first and I felt watched. Now I enjoy standing out and just love meeting new people.“ Sarah, 1,87m

„I’m a tall woman, but that doesn’t make me a curiosity!“

For other tall women, this constant standing out is also a burden and they don’t feel their height is only positive:

„It used to bother me to be always and everywhere the tallest, but now at 22, it has become one of my trademarks. I feel unpredictable, strong, and meanwhile, I don’t notice the many weird looks anymore. Being a tall woman is not always easy, but together we are strong.“  Charlotte, 1,86 m

„The nice thing I find is that I don’t get lost in the crowd, I’m unique and it’s not at all noticeable if I sometimes falter a bit with my weight!

Just today, however, I had another negative experience with my height. People I do not know at all – stare and ask whether I am 2 meters tall and the statement that I am very tall, just annoying. I’ll never get used to that!“  Ines, 1,90 m

„I’m happy being tall, but it took me a long, long time to understand it.“ Annemarie, 1,87 m

„Lighthouse“, „How is the air up there?“, „giant“ are some of the terms and humiliations I was exposed as a tall teenager.  Whether at school or sports.

Whether from other teenagers I knew or strangers. I was „the long one.“ As a result, to this day I slouch, buckle at the hips when standing and hunch my shoulders just to look a few inches shorter.

A few years ago, a man I didn’t know simply stood shoulder to shoulder very close to me. He wanted to see how much taller I was than him. He said that men tend to be afraid of tall women. I was able to react glibly, but it left traces. I had just been in the hospital for a few days, and a nurse said, „Wow, you’re huge! 

Careless remarks are certainly not meant badly, but still, prick. I do not go to very small people and tell them they are „dwarfs“.

You can’t choose your height! But about what you say to others, you can think beforehand. I am a tall woman, but that doesn’t make me a curiosity!“ Claudia, 1,84 m

„Hey, today I’d like to tell you about the experiences I’ve had so far with my height. Every person reacts differently to my height. most of them look and whisper or they don’t care.

But sometimes there are pretty stupid comments like „Did you break out at Area 51?“. Such things must be skillfully ignored or well countered.

But not all people react negatively to my height. I have also been told to become a model or: „I would also like to be as tall as you“. Many feel uncomfortable because of their height or these comments.

Often the attention is too much. But even on such days, you should make the best of it because you can’t change it anyway.“ Vanessa, 2,03 m

„My height always draws attention to me, which I think is great some days and less so on others.“ Sofie, 1,82 m

„Be who you are and enjoy every inch you have.“

Part of the tall women’s advice to other tall women is to be confident about being tall:

„Don’t worry about what others say about you. You are perfect the way you are. Like and love yourself. P.S. I think tall women can be cute too.“  Anja, 1,95 m

„Be who you are and enjoy every inch you have. That’s what makes me unique. Stand by yourself.“  Edda, 1,91 m

„My name is Josefine from the island of Rügen and I am 1.85 m tall. Now 55 years old, I have long since learned to see my height as something positive.

This was not always the case, as a child and teenager to always tower above your peers and later adults require self-confidence, which you simply do not have at that age.  Teasing etc. was the order of the day.

Without much effort, you simply stand out, and to understand this as an advantage and use it for yourself is a process. Girls, enjoy being tall and enjoy standing out. It’s a first door opener and after that, you decide what to make of it. And let’s face it, the only problem we have is clothes that are too short and seats that are too tight on airplanes.“ Josefine, 1,85 m

„Don’t be ashamed of your height. There is nothing more beautiful. Show your beauty. Every person is unique.“  Laura, 1.86 m

„My height is my strength.“  Jule, 1,92 m

„It used to bother me to always and everywhere be the tallest, but now at 22, it has become one of my trademarks. 

I feel unpredictable, strong, and meanwhile, I don’t notice the many weird looks. Being a tall woman is not always easy but together we are strong.“  Charlotte, 1,86 m

„I love being tall!“ 

Many tall women can make it short: Simply enjoy your height to the fullest!

„I think it’s great when you don’t have to hide and can stand by your body. I love being tall and stand by it!“  Meli, 1,92 m

„I am happy to be so tall. It’s part of my personality and a blessing for me!“  Jules, 1,84 m

„I am 187 cm tall, have two children, and live in a solid partnership with my dream man who, thank God, measures 203cm… because that is already important to me.  Otherwise, I am very happy with my height.“  Michaela, 1,87 m

„I’m proud of my height and I’ve never been alone, as a twin in a double pack.“  Tanja, 1,88 m

„I love my height because it is unique, and you can never lose me.“  Magdalena, 1,92m

„Life is short, but I’m not!“ Larissa, 1,81 m. „Tall is beautiful.“ Carmen, 1,87m. „I just like everything about my height!“ Kerstin, 1,94 m. „I love being tall!“ Ewa, 1,93 m. „There is no such thing as too tall!“ Saskia, 1,85 m.

Thank you so much for your contributions! We know from the many, positive feedbacks that they give courage and joy to other tall women. 

The statements confirm that life as a woman with an above-average body height is special. There are many benefits, but as the testimonials show, there are also challenges and difficult moments.

With self-confidence, many of them can be mastered. Josefine summed it up great:

„Girls, enjoy being tall and enjoy standing out. It’s a first door opener and then you decide what to make of it.“

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