Giantess Art – How super tall women look like in film, advertising and art

Tall women are special. Their exceptional height guarantees them an extra dose of attention and more or less furtive glances everywhere. A self-confident handling of the height increases for the bystanders this charm even more.

A fascination that has not escaped the creative minds in film, advertising, and art. Equipped with a lot of artistic freedom, they added meters and created gigantically tall, strong women.

Women who, depending on the time of their creation, stood as a symbol of emancipation, dominance, and also as a provocation of role models. Or were simply created for entertainment and with a wink.

What do these gigantically large women look like?

Wonder Woman – The „mother“ of all superheroines

Wonder Woman first appeared in a comic book in 1941, and she remains the best-known superhero in the otherwise very male superhero universe.

Confident, battle-hardened, and endowed with superhuman abilities and compassionate nature, she has been fighting evil in the world for over 80 years.

This not only in comics but also in television series and very successful motion pictures. Her heroic deeds are gigantic and her height is at least always far above average. In the latest comics, she is already a proud 188 cm tall.

Hollywood discovers the giant women

Hollywood first discovered the fascination of giant women in 1958 in the movie „Attack of the 20 Meter Woman„. A betrayed wife becomes 20 meters tall – with extraterrestrial help – and takes revenge on all who did her evil. So far, so mundane.

A B-movie of the better kind and over the years so successful that Warner Brothers made a remake with Daryl Hannah in 1993.

There is no such thing as being too tall for advertising

Gigantically tall women are also regularly used in advertising. They are simply eye-catchers and guarantee attention.

Here the actress Megan Fox (original height: 163 cm) floats and walks through the street canyons of New York City in a commercial as a giant estimated to be at least 300 meters tall.

If you want to see more commercials featuring gigantic-sized women, this playlist features nearly 180 clips from a variety of countries. Fashion companies and car manufacturers seem to have a special big heart for giant women.

Puma especially let it rip in its Italian commercial from 2003

There, longtime national goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has his encounter with a 20-meter woman. Like her Hollywood predecessors, she’s on a destruction spree.

Mamma mia, what a story…

Giantess Artwork – Even Giantesses Have an Everyday Life

The pictures of „Giantess Art“ show that gigantic women don’t have to be superheroes or Godzillas. Computer-generated montages of gigantically large women in their everyday environment…

The Argentinian artist collective Giantessart kindly allowed us to present a selection of their images. More images are above and on their Instagram profile @giantessart1.

Giantess Art
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von @giantessart1.

And where is gender equality? Since Gulliver’s Travels, the male giants have been quiet.

Embed from Getty Images

At least there are also some beginnings of „Giant Art“ for big men.

Here is the direct comparison, „live“ from New York. Since King Kong’s last visit to Manhattan, things have undoubtedly changed…

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