„Tall men make better husbands“ – Top 5 News of the Tall World 2023

This year, there was once again a lot of news, interviews, and reports from the tall world. We collect the most interesting ones in our constantly updated «News of the Tall World» ticker.

At the end of the year, here are our curious favorites for 2023:

Tall men make better husbands

Tall men have known it for a long time and now science has proven it. Tall men are said to make better husbands for the following reasons:

1) Tall men suffer less from dementia and therefore remember their wife’s name longer, among other things.

2) Tall men earn more money than average and can use it to spoil their partners with nice things.

3) Tall men, like tall women, are naturally happier, which positively affects the relationship. 

4) Tall men have healthier hearts, which benefits all joint physical activities.

Incidentally, the author is a woman, and the scientific studies‘ links are available.

Science is one thing, practice is another. Feel free to share your experiences on this topic in the comments.

The big FC Bayern and the short Yann Sommer

In the 2022/2023 season of the major German soccer league, the top team FC Bayern Munich became German champions with great luck but was eliminated early in the other competitions. Many things were lacking, but according to the „experts“, exactly 10 cm was missing. And that was the height of Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

At 182 cm tall, Yann Sommer has been playing at the highest level in the Bundesliga, the Champions League, and the national team for many years – but many still thought everything would have been better with the 10 cm taller Manuel Neuer in the goal…

Now Neuer is back and conceded five goals in the game in Frankfurt alone. On the other hand, Yann Sommer is breaking all records for his outstanding goalkeeping performances at Inter Milan. Has he grown 10 cm since he left Bayer Munich?

Princess Diana is 12 cm too tall in „The Crown“

In the fifth and sixth seasons of the blockbuster series „The Crown“, the 190 cm tall Australian Elisabeth Debecki, of all people, was given the role of the 178 cm tall Princess Diana.

A certain irony of history is that during the years of Diana and Charles‘ marriage, the royal family made sure that Diana appeared smaller in official photos than her – equally tall – husband.

For example, Charles liked to stand one step higher for photo shoots. With Netflix’s Diana, he would have to climb another step to avoid looking like the little prince.

Tall passenger causes six flight cancellations

At the security checkpoint at Munich Airport, a man of „impressive size“ took his hand luggage off the conveyor belt before the checkpoint was completed. Normally this would not have been possible, as a high plexiglass wall was supposed to prevent access.

It wasn’t high enough for him. He managed to get the bag off the conveyor belt in good time with just one movement – and the security staff panicked. Check-in at the terminal was interrupted for an hour and six flights were canceled.

The authorities underestimated where the big ones would end up. Now the Plexiglas screens are being raised.

Ambulances too small for the height of the drivers

The East of England Ambulance Service has purchased a new fleet of ambulances for the hefty sum of 54 million pounds. 

After delivery, however, it became apparent that 94 drivers were unable to drive the new ambulances because they were too tall. Whereby „too tall“ is a big word here. The problems with the new ambulances have already begun for drivers over 175 cm tall.

The main points of criticism were the insufficient distance between the pedals and a steering wheel that put pressure on the knees. Tall people are familiar with this from almost all vehicles.

So that the ambulance service in East England did not come to a standstill, the older ambulances were reactivated for the taller drivers. Incidentally, the old ambulances were from Mercedes. Fiat made those in the new fleet…

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Bildnachweis: Pixabay, Dreamstime. Yann Sommer: Steindy (talk) 14:49, 25 November 2015 (UTC), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
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